Monday, September 27, 2010

Rhenium's ends a very successful season

We've been knocked out of the playoffs. Even if campagnolo wins Tuesday to draw the match the other team goes through on tiebreaks. During the regular season we scored 16 points, tied for most of any U2200 team. In fact there were only eight higher scores of all the teams (121) in all the sections of the league. But it's harder to score in the top section. The team did not lose a match, 3 wins, 3 draws. Maarten scored the most wins with 3. Paulkov, nb, and campagnolo each scored 2 wins. Seaborgium got 1 win in a shortened season. Nosalt, who was nice enough to fill in at the last moment, also got a win, in the playoffs no less. Forfeits accounted for 3 wins but also one loss which really hurt the tiebreak situation. All in all a great season. Looking forward to next season. Hey Niobium and Tellurium players, I'd like write something similar to this about you guys after t47.

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