Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ivio in Battle

Niobium Round 6. Endgames are important. Win a drawn game. Draw a lost game. How about win a lost game. Some work on endgames will get these these results, and more rating points. Ah, but they're boring. Not so, it is the "truth" in chess. Like math, there is usually only one correct answer. In a middlegame you may consider two moves, say Bc4 or Bb5, both are correct in their own way, and lead to different positions. But in an endgame the choice of moves becomes more crucial. Ke2 will draw, while Kd2 will lose. In this game you will see Ivio has an idea of what to do, he wasn't perfect or anything but had some feel for the endgame. His opponent however, I hate to criticize him, did not have any "feel". A 32 point rating swing. And a win.

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