Tuesday, January 18, 2011

GOTW Round 10

They made me Game of the Week guru for Rounds 5-6, then through the playoffs. For Round 10 (Playoff Round 3) my choice was Maartenkoning for his win that got Rhenium the championship in the U2200 section. I hope nobody thinks I played favorites by selecting a teammate for this honor. But it was clearly the best game. Other "Element" players also won the award for earlier rounds. Paulkov, for Rhenium, got the award for Round 1. Campagnolo, also for Rhenium, got the award for Round 2. This is an awesome game that has not yet appeared on this blog. Watch for it soon. In Round 4 Ivio playing for Niobium got the award. The Element players know how to play some good Chess.

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