Tuesday, June 28, 2011

90 30 League

I recommend playing in the 90 30 league. You sign up and are placed in a 4 person tournament playing each opponent twice. Tournaments are based on ratings, U2000, U1800, U16000 sections etc. so you get to play people near you by rating. Two weeks for each round. It's a lot more casual than the 4545 league. But as a consequence there are a lot of forfeits. But forfeits there only hurt yourself, not your teammates. Actually forfeits hurts your your opponent also. The time control means the game could last 4 hours. So you need to be committed.
Great warm up for the 4545 league.

Here's a game between two element players. A wild game that went back and forth.

milesotoole says "It was a good game between myself and Krysto in the 9030 league. It's a very complicated (or it seemed to me) French. I almost played 1. b3 to avoid his booked-uppedness in the main lines, but thought a direct preparational challenge would lead to more of a fight, and make me learn more about the French. I lost on a blunder of course, but after an interesting struggle."
Thanks krysto for saving the game so we could see it.

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