Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Element Teams So Far In T51

Some great results in round 3.
In the 7 matches we got 6 victories and a draw.
In 28 games we got 15 wins, 6 draws, and just 4 loses. That's 72%. Add to that 2 forfeit wins and one game still to be played. Really fantastic.
You're really keeping me busy trying to get all the games posted. Be patient, I'll get them all up.
Team standings:
Rhenium U2200, second place. A horrible TD ruling on an unplayed game in round 1 will certainly be over-turned putting them in a tie for first.
Bohrium U2000, first place, already a full 1.5 points ahead.
Technetium U2000, tied for first.
Tellurium U2000, also tied for first.
Selenium U1800, tied for first.
Niobium U1600, only three teams between them and first place.
Rubidium U1400, yes, also tied for first.
Everybody is playing very well. Let's Keep it going

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