Sunday, February 5, 2012

Introducing The Element Players

This blog is devoted to the members of the "element" teams.

This season we have 9 teams!

Here are the players:

Rhenium U2200 Paulkov (Capt), BlackHorse, Fezzik, DARKwizard1, ben622 (Asst)

Caesium U2200 King-Ghost, BadHabitMarco, daniguti, Campagnolo (Capt), TerryMalloy

Bohrium U2000 King-Ghost (Capt), LittleWarrior (Asst), futureGM, upsan, viking99

Technetium U2000 Paulkov (Capt), ben622, cesaralexander, room-matt, FlyingTiger (Asst)

Tellurium U2000 jorobo (Asst), livis, AreYouSerious, azbycx, Tamarin, az2112 (Capt)

Selenium U1800 AntMantis, bshribharath, toukon, FlyingTiger, Sirian, Salvatore (Capt)

Niobium U1600 Ivio, Krysto, Salvatore, milesotoole (Asst), berke, Paulkov (Capt)

Rubidium U1400 Krysto (Capt), Berke, otib2006, Elalfer, tamky70 (Asst)

Strontium U1400 Salvatore (Capt), lee-d, milesotoole, Iowa-Archer

38 players from 13 countries.

In T51 the element teams had two forfeits. That's still very few but let's aim for zero. Myself and your captain insist on this.

I want to thank all the captains and their assistants for making this group of teams a reality.

If you play a good game in will be featured in this blog. Please be patient with me, it's a lot of games to look at. If you really like your game, you can annotate it yourself for publishing.

Just let me know.

It is an "element" custom to feature a game on the blog in the week before games start for new members of the teams.

So if you're new to the teams watch for your game. Hopefully we'll see more games from you as the season progresses.

Games start soon!

Good Luck everybody. Let's have a lot of fun.

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