Saturday, April 2, 2011

Scheduling Your Game

one-over (GMT-5h) and krysto (GMT-6h) have been paired for a game in this round
one-over: Hello Mr. Krysto, I can play between the hours of 8am and 9:30pm any day. She who must be obeyed tells me I still have to do the windows and curtins after the game. If I win, I only have to do the windows and curtins, if I lose, I will have clean out the barn also.
krysto: Hi Mr. One-Over, Monday 29 Nov at 20.00 ICC is ok for you?
one-over: Hello Mr. Krysto, Yes 11/29/10 at 20:00 is fine with me. Of course that means that I will be up until 6 or 7 am doing winders and curtins for she who must be obeyed, but I am used to that. And if I have to clean the barn I will really be in trouble. I would of course appreciate it if you take this into consideration as I do have a bad knee. I may be able to get myself out of this mess by promising to take, she who must be obeyed bear hunting. Any bears where you live? The last time I took her bear hunting, she shot 3 bears and some kid named Goldilocks, she mumbled something about porrige and I had no idea what she was talking about. sincerely, one-over aka Bill
krysto: Bill, I wish I could help you, but me team really needs me to win. So, that barn is about to be cleaned on Monday, it's a matter of destiny. However, I'm sure we'll have a tough and long game, she might take that in consideration. Anyway, the good thing is that you'll have a nice, clean and healthy enviroment on thursday morning. Sorry about the bears.
An agreed time has been posted of Monday, November 29th 2010, 20:00
one-over: Hello Mr. Krysto, In order to give myself an edge in our game and to avoid cleaning the barn, I will have to resort to my tricky board setup. You will notice that I will have 3 rooks and 7 pawns. She who must be obeyed, says that it is in her rules for chess. My team captain noticed that I was using the same excuse, winders and curtins, that I used in my last game. He will be impressed with my choice of using 3 rooks. Sincerely, one-over aka Bill
krysto won the game and one-over had to do the winders and curtins AND the barn.

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