Saturday, April 23, 2011

Seaborgium With A Clutch Victory

Seaborgium rejoins Rhenium for T49.
The game here is from T45. This was the situation: Round 6. The team needed a win to make the playoffs. No other result would work. The other three games were drawn. So it all came down to this game. Seaborgium made his offers but Cristina made none. Just before the final deadline Cristina made a forum post "I accept so and so time" but didn't actually post the agreed time. This so called game time came and went with no game being played. The deadline passed. Our team argued that since Cristina had neither made any offers nor accepted one, the game should be forfeited. The TD thought otherwise and instructed Cristina to accept one the remaining offers, post it, or forfeit. Cristina did so but the accepted offer, the only one possible, was less than 24 hours away. Seaborgium, as per the rules, did not have to accept this time. He could simply ignore it and get a fofeit win. And we're in the playoffs. I would never suggest to a player not to play a game. We all just want to play. But privately I thought that he should take the forfeit so we all could play some more in the playoffs. So when the game time approached I logged on to ICC. And there was Seaborgium starting his game. We all were going to kill him if he lost. So you can see there was a lot tension and excitement about this game.
So we got into the playoffs and made it to the championship round. We lost this match but not on the chessboard, but by a TD decision. But that's a story for another day.

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